About Us

OKEY PROTECTION SECURITY LIMITED is a security company based in Nairobi Kenya that provides a wide range of security services to individuals and businesses. The company has been in operation for several years and has established a reputation for providing reliable and efficient security solutions.

OP security is firm that is committed to provide quality security service thus giving peace of mind to our clients. e.g.
1. Guarding Services
2. Backup Patrol
3. Events Management
4. Security Personnel
5. Bouncers


Our Motto

Service with integrity

Our Services

Guarding Services

Guarding is one of our largest departments with a huge manpower serving our clients all over the country. Guards are well vetted, trained and kitted before being deployed to protect our clients and their properties. The vetting and training process takes approximately eight (8) weeks. This is then followed with induction and kitting where the guards are provided with uniforms and equipment’s necessary for their work. During this period of training.

Backup Patrol

We always ensure & provide backup to other security guards who are patrolling an area always to ensure protection for everyone involved.

Events Management

We assist in planning and executing events, from small gatherings to large-scale festivals to ensure successful events .

Security Personnel

We assist with preventing crime, enforcing regulations, or responding to emergencies 24/7 without delays.


We provide security for businesses, events, and individuals to deter crime, protect people from harm, & ensure the safety of everyone involved.

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We provide real time solutions without delays whatsoever.